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In this show we’re  talking about sniffing each other’s bums,  being a missionary for another culture, various dreams we’ve had (as in, what we do while we sleep), bad laundry habits, swearing in front of our mothers, The Most Awesome Address in the World, and a reminder of our Exclusive Listener Ultimatum!

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Not sure what the hell ‘dubstep’ is? It’s one of the latest mainstream trends in electronic dance music, and it goes a little somethin’ like this:

This sort of music works the best if you can blast it at 5,000 watts from a car looking like this

or better yet, this

As for Mat’s ‘fear of being naked in front of a group of peers’, this is what ‘plimsoll shoes’ look like:

These are what kids use during their PE lessons. There are grown-up versions like this one with Run-DMC branding:

Find out all about the various Gropecunt Lanes of Ye Olde Englande on Wikipedia!

Or take a tour of England’s more lecherous street names like Love Lane, Butt Hole Road, Dumb Woman’s Lane, Mincing Lane, Crotch Crescent…but our favorite has to be

(Let’s not forget our runners-up Titty Ho, Back Passage, Pennycomequick Hill, Fine Bush Lane and Minge Lane!)

Finally, we’d like to remind all of our listeners that the only thing we ask of our listeners is that we get some feedback: whether it’s right here on the blog, on iTunes or even FacebookOR ELSE!

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