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So what’s up in this episode? Well, we experiment with radio-style ‘what is this sound’ games, Mat frets about his abuse of his cat, we introduce Digital Porridge-branded ‘Mancones’, talk about being ‘a homeless’, benevolent dictators and a whole lot more! Check it out…

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Mister Scruff’s opinion of his treatment is clear for all to see



From the Poop Report website comes this review of the Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Holder:

The Bottom Buddy consists of a curved plastic handle with a golf-ball sized head at one end. The head features flexible plastic pieces that resemble the closed bud of a flower. Pry the petals apart, insert a wad of toilet paper or a moist wipe, and it’s as if your arm has just grown a foot longer. Reach back (from in front or behind), wipe, and then press the release button on the handle to drop the soiled paper into the toilet.

(OK, fair enough, it’s also extremely helpful for people with injuries and medical conditions. But still. Frank has seen it on sites devoted to extraordinarily obese people.)

Thanks to Dr Jax at for the Dalek-voiced DP samples! Very cool. Can you count how many samples were used during this show? Seriously, can you? We sort of lost count.

And finally, a horse with one ball isn’t called anything, according to what a quick Wikipedia scan brings up. A castrated male horse is  called a gelding, though (don’t scroll down that page if you’re a guy).


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This is how Mat taunts his cat – with pictures of other cats free from cones and able to roam freely and pee in their master’s shoes.

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