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We’ve moved!

Posted: 2011/03/02 in Just...hey!

Not far away, though, trust us!

All you have to do is go to our new site,, and the staff there will treat you like old friends. Which you are. Of course.

If you’re coming to this link from far in the future, congratulations! Humanity has survived the zombocalypse and hopefully so has the site as well!

So, fare thee well, tally ho and good luck! We will see you at our fresh, new (unless you’re viewing this site in the year 4127) web site very soon (unless our clones have had a glitch regenerating our minds, in which case watch out for the vampyre werewolves)!


Let’s start this out Star Trek-style!


Next up: a personal grooming tip


You’ll need to look closely at this one…

(we’d love to say ‘Only in America!’ – oh…hang on, we just did)


And finally, just to tuck you in:

Is you is a podcaster?

Posted: 2011/02/24 in Just...hey!

Well, is you?

If you are, and you like our stuff, let’s trade some promotional spots on each other’s podcasts!

We’ve got a few 30-second MP3 files here that you can grab and stick anywhere in your…podcast, so download ’em, give ’em a listen and put them in your show somewhere.

If you want, email Frank and we’ll drop your promos in our show, too! We’re probably already listening to your show anyway, but if we’re not just post a comment with a link and we’ll give it a gander…err, a listen! We’ll listen to it, for sure.

Anyway, here are the promo bits:

Hugh Grant and Barack Obama are our spokesbitches

Mat sings for ya!

We have no idea what we’re doing

This podcast is rubbish (please don’t be offended!)

…and that’s not the porn movie from ‘The Big Lebowski’

Check us out! Well, you’re already here, which is where this link sends you…so…I guess that means stay on this web page…?

But nah, really, if you like Mat and Frank, check us out in action on Mat’s other regular podcast, Logjam, which also features Frank in an ‘from an American perspective’ sort of role. But mostly that bit’s about zombies and cyborgs trying to take over the world, so watch where you step.

Subscribe to Logjam: with iTunes or by RSS link (for any non-Apple podcast listening thingy)

That means we’re now on the Facebooks!

That’s right, we’ve gone and made a Facebook.

So if you have a a Facebook, open our our Facebook and our Facebooks will merge and become a bigger Facebook, eventually morphing into a mega-Facebook!


We don’t have any idea what any of that means, but if you know what that all it, join our our Facebook page page by clicking here and clicking ‘Like’. It’s what all your friends are doing! (even the fake friends you have on Facebook but don’t really talk to very often, or at all, and haven’t seen in literally decades)

Seriously, click here.




^ those the exclamation marks that wouldn’t fit in the post title.

Wanna subscribe to us in or on iTunes? Do it, do it now!

In other news, Mat is sick and has no voice, so we can’t do a podcast this week, sorry. Hopefully he’s healed up for next week, when we hope the snow conditions lighten up and he’s able to leave the house!

That’s right, we’re bowing to the Big Kahuna and are now ‘under review’ by the iTunes folk!

Hopefully we’ll get approved so we can get a few more subscribers and a little more feedback on what YOU want to hear us gabble on about.

If/when we do get approved we’ll have a massive party and record it for the podcast! wha-hey!!