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That ‘One’ is spelled out not to be pretentious, but to just be posh. Is there any difference, though? We’re not sure.

This is the first of the much-anticipated DP Films series, which is going to show how Mat and Frank work on ideas for a short film (from 5-15 minutes or so). It’s not a movie review show, it just kind of tracks the DP Films progress in the making of ‘film shorts’, as ‘we in the business’ calm them. So this one is a bit windy with plenty of banter, but it is about us making movies, basically.

Download Episode 1 of the DP Films podcast here! (right-click and choose Save Link As)

It’s a long one (just over 50 minutes) but it is the first in the series and there’s a lot of challenging stuff to get through!

As for that director that didn’t want to have his name on a famous movie…that guy is named Walter Hill and the movie is Supernova, which Francis Ford Coppola was brought in to save. Then he was involved in writing and producing the third and fourth Alien movies, a series of which Frank is a big fan of…until it was screwed up by this guy. Anyway, check it out on Wikipedia, the last 2 paragraphs.

And here’s that said bastard who is the fan of the Japanese electropop girl trio Perfume, doing his now-infamous ‘Happy Birthday Kashiyuka !!’ video

(somehow I don’t think the recently re-uploaded video with notes on the bottom will wipe the craziness clean!)

Unfortunately this guy uses the pseudonym ‘Frank Evins’, which is just terrible because all the strangest people on TV are called ‘Frank’…but we’ll roll with it. Want to know more? Check out the story on Know Your Meme.

Eventually, Mat and Frank get down to business and read the outline for what might be the first-ever DP script…

Just a warning! It is dark. And we mean Dark with a capital ‘D’. Like…DARK.

Is it too much? Is it too dark? Is it just a few steps beyond?

We’re not really sure. You guys tell us!


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Just a final note: We LOVE gays! We don’t like pedos! (‘paedo’ in the UK)

And we like these ‘Sassy Gay Friend’ videos from Second City!